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Boost your exports with communications

Companies are becoming more and more international, and need more visibility for their activities, products and services. If the size of the internal market of their own country is limited, it is only natural to seek growth outside the borders. To succeed in exports, the company needs expertise
in many different fields, including communications.

Communications open doors and opportunities in new market areas. In order to be successful there, you need to know the local means of communication, target audiences, and media. The mere translation of materials is not enough, the message must be localised. From Finland, for example, you cannot efficiently communicate even to the audiences in other Nordic countries, unless you have local experts to help you.

Benefit from an existing network – save money

Finding a trustworthy partner and establishing important contacts is easier through an existing network. An alliance of international communications agencies is a safe and cost-efficient way for companies to gain visibility in other countries.

Telegraafi is a member of a global Eurocom Worldwide Network, an alliance of independent, privately owned PR and communications agencies. The 28 member agencies of the network serve over 1,000 clients in over 64 countries.

Being part of Eurocom gives us an opportunity to share and receive valuable information, as well as internationally tried and tested communication practices. Eurocom cooperation benefits our existing and future clients by bringing professional, well-known communication agencies from all over the world within their reach.

Benefit from an existing network – reduce risks

In 2018 we have attended two Eurocom meetings, last spring in Berlin and this fall in Prague. It is great to be part of a community that gives us the chance to easily find sparring partners for our business. I know all of the Eurocom entrepreneurs personally, and can warmly recommend every single one of the agencies, so there is very little risk for you in starting a partnership.

Do you need help with international communication and your company’s visibility abroad, or specifically here in Finland? We can help you, just ask us how!

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