Localization services

Localization is more than translation. It’s communication.

When crossing the cultural borders, it takes more than just translation to successfully communicate your message. It also requires thorough knowledge of target groups, media environment, and principles of local media culture.

We know the Finnish consumers and media field and can target your communication to the right audience. We tailor the content to ensure its relevancy and take care of the media distribution and mailing lists. Our extensive knowledge of the Finnish communication culture is an asset also when designing social media campaigns.

As localization services, we offer strategic communications planning, crisis communication and sustainability communication, information and PR campaigns, product PR, social media campaigns, and media monitoring. We use the best tools for our work, for media distribution and for media monitoring.

We are part of Eurocom Worldwide Network, a global alliance of independent, privately owned PR agencies. Thanks to Eurocom, our clients can benefit from our colleagues’ expertise in almost 70 different countries.

“A media release sent from another country rarely works.
It takes knowledge of local circumstances to create successful media attention.”

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