Media Releases and Events

Gain effective visibility in important news media outlets.

News media channels are considered more informative, reliable, and influential than marketing channels. Spreading the word of your company, products, and services through media releases can carry more weight than advertising.

Successful international communication and press release content creation entails more than mere translation. It also requires thorough knowledge of target groups, media environment and principles of local media culture.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the world of Finnish media and of media distribution in Finland, we know how to create good media releases, how to get them published, and how to arrange press events. We also monitor the efficiency of the communicational actions by using media monitoring tools.

For media campaigns reaching outside Finland, we benefit from the expertise of our colleagues at Eurocom Worldwide Network.

” Media releases should be left to professionals.
A low-quality release can be a risk to the company reputation.”

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